AnarchyKO Official 20/08/2022

Przez ,
After we took a break from AnarchyKO we come more prepared than ever!
AnarchyKO server is running for 2 years none Stop! with users or not!

Many updates have been added through this 2 years! and many corrections!

Here is our beta and Official Days!!

Here i will add some videos from old Events and GamePlay updates that we already have in our server! and the new One we added latest

Forgotten Tower Even! this even is quick and nice! it will run random hours in a day on the server with random item reward!

[Image: xnx874v3rt]
[Image: dmdyrrxspg]
[Image: Anarchy-KO1.png]

[Image: EVENTclan1.png] [Image: EVENT.png]

Rewards for general top users ranking each nation:

TOP 1 - 5000 Knight Cash

TOP 2 - 3000 Knight Cash

TOP 3 - 2000 Knight Cash

TOP 4 - 1000 Knight Cash

TOP 5 - 700 Knight Cash

Bonus rewards:

TOP 1 Karus & El Morad Clan Leader gets 2000 Knight Cash

SHARE and Like Rewards will be added Soon!

Follow Us on Discord! we Run Discord rewards events too!

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